Mambo Gumbo

by Loco Ironico

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Steven May
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Steven May Love the feel! Favorite track: Calle Calders.
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Loco Ironico - Mambo Gumbo

After another two years of being asked what type of music they make, Loco Ironico now liken their sound to musical gumbo.

So with twelve new songs recorded live and undiluted, commenting on subjects from GMO crops to elusive future physical fitness, the title of their second album is…Mambo Gumbo!

Building on the critically acclaimed Carpe Afternoon - mixing sounds, styles and songs together into a slow-cooked sonic stew for your musical nourishment.

Recorded by Jerry Boys and graced by the talents of friends such as Phil Manzanera, Steve Sidwell,
Tony Remy, James McMillan and Ben Castle - Mambo Gumbo is full of flavour and guaranteed to require at least a second helping.


released January 1, 2018

Joe Cang: Vocals, Guitar
Matteo Saggese: Piano, Rhodes, Hammond
Danny Cummings Drums, Percussion
Tommaso Scannapieco - Double Bass
John Paricelli - Guitars

Featuring: Phil Manzanera • Guitar - Track 6 / Steve Sidwell • Trumpet & Brass Arrangement - Tracks 4 & 6 Tony Remy • Guitar - Tracks 1 & 5 / Ben Castle • Saxophone, Woodwind & Brass Arrangement - Tracks 1, 8 & 10 James McMillan • Brass - Track 5 / Dave Bishop • Saxophone - Track 4 / Alistair White • Trombone - Track 4


all rights reserved



Loco Ironico London, UK

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Track Name: Mambo Gumbo

Anytime there's trouble in your life
parking tickets and bills, nagging from your wife
when you've done all you can stop wringing your hands
get the volume to the top and drop the phone down

Politicians always tripping us up
Say exactly what it is, is exactly what it's not
Information overload start to leave you cold
rub 2 legs together and ignite your soul

Do the mambo gumbo
Anyway you want to
Life tastes better when you got someone who
Wants to know you
Hold you close and
Put a little wiggle in the way you walk
You do the mambo gumbo
Can't get it wrong
You can do it any way you like
Shake that thing till you know your living
Get a little wild tonight

Don't need a reason to express yourself
you know what you need more than anyone else
now if fashion ain't your passion
just wear what you like
everybody looks fine when their doing it right

Break the chains and lose that old stuff
if it's been hanging you up then its ready to drop
find the magic in the maze you can get it again
dance away the demons and get yourself saved
you do the....
Track Name: Calle Calders
Calle Calders

In old Barcelona down where the sky meets the land and the sea
you’ll find a street where the people you meet all look something like me
dressed in disguises to find some escape from their own despair
oh when will I once again, walk on Calle Calders

Saten’s in satin, with angels in corsets of linen and lace
Jugglers and clowns, take their coffee with dancers in dangerous embrace
taste of queimada ( kay-ma-da) casting its magical spell - everywhere
oh one day I know I’ll wander once more on Calle Calders

Sun in my eyes, salt on my lips, you in my heart and my hands
I hear it calling, (its) always calling me, home, calling me home
Im coming home

Locked in this cell where theres no one to tell of the place that I love
tales of bordello’s, burnt orange and yellows are all I dream of
if you hear this plea please forgive me my sins wont you help set me free
oh, when its my time please bury me deep on Calle Calders
Oh when its my time please bury my bones on Calle Calders
Track Name: Fit And Healthy
When I’m fit and healthy

My knees hurt a little bit, why I don’t know
it may be forever or just when its a little bit cold
theres a place in my back that never fails to crack
if I bend down to quickly you know its hard to get back up

But when I’m fit and healthy, like I know Ill be one day
and all these aches and pains lie on the gymnasium floor to stay
they’ll lift me on their shoulders as I raise my trophies high
when I’m fit and healthy and watching from the sky

They used to call me captain and pass me the ball
now if I ever get near it I’ll more than likely fall
and it could be risky with hips as bad as mine
so its probably safer to pour myself a little more wine
Track Name: El Bandito
El Bandito

Patent creation like your playing God
no compensation, just increasing cost
nature will take ya anytime its crossed
we’re just visitors here

Bigger the better till the bubble bursts
under the rubble trying to climb out first
the more you have you know the more it hurts
and there’s nowhere to hide

They want your money cos their El Bandito
They want your money and they want it fast
Economically El Bandito, flexi-politic like a gymnast
From Himalayas to Machu Picchu, hiding under the corporate flag
They love the money cos their El Bandito
Monsanto, Diablo, Bandito Bad!


G.M.O oh no no no what’ve you done
where there was plenty now there’s only one
round up resistance and you wear them down
but we know who you are

Farmers and lawyers on the courtroom floor
like oil and water they don’t mix at all
the biggest liars are believed the most
and they don't change/if when you vote
Track Name: Stay

Started in the summer
kiss’s undercover
secret meetings, never public
just Illegally
tried not to be persistent
but its always in the distance
let go of my resistance

Stay till the night is over
wait till the sheets are cold
dance by the light of the embers
be brave, stay till the morning

December we’re discovered
just not by your husband
only friends and cousins
still to many
say we’re going to end it
get back to being friends yeah
got to do the right thing


Stay a little longer
at least until the morning comes
Track Name: Christmas Time
Christmas Time

When I was little bit shorter maybe ‘bout nine years old
turn a half into a quarter never did what Id been told
allergic to regulation, preferred my own secret laws
didn't get much information, never gave out very much more

oh oh oh I know what I know
oh oh oh I’ll go where I go

Tympani of teenage tantrums, hiding out home alone
listening to the greatest anthems, occupation getting stoned
protected by the grace of crazy
rejected by the world of words
indecisive the god of maybe
taught me all I ain’t learned, but

oh oh oh I know what I know

Cos work ain’t a good reason
to get yourself hurt, just trying to toe the line
oh why, why hide your lights until Christmas time

Addicted to conversation, no space between the lines
need a little more contemplation, need a little less pantomime
don’t believe in anything certain, cant be sure of the human mind
always another update version, ( still/all) waiting for the install time

but oh oh oh I know what I know

Cos work ain’t a good reason
to get yourself hurt, just trying to toe the line
oh why, why hide your lights until Christmas time

Cos work ain’t a good reason
to get yourself hurt, just trying to pay the price
oh why, why hide your lights until Christmas time

All is quite, all is calm, all is right now
Track Name: Nothing As Strange As People
Nothing As Strange As People

People, nothing as strange as people
good and bad and evil
we’re all on the team
creatures, little more than creatures
pretending we’re all teachers
defending that we’re right

When the day comes and we face the ones who think we need to die
what will you say to the saint who prays with your murder on, murder on his mind

Weirdos, we’re just a bunch of weirdos
fake Robert DeNiro’s
never backing down
Heroes, all trying to be heroes
think we need to show those
show those others how it’s done

People, nothing as strange as people
Track Name: Circus Train
The Circus Train

Theres something coming, sounds like a train
earth shaking thunder, don’t care where its been
snake oil and petrol, plastic and paint
to much deception to ever repent

All these amigos, amazed and alarmed
turbo testosterone, unlucky charms
building the mystery, things ain’t what you see
but the circus keeps on calling me

Crazy on the carousel Im spinning around
claws like tobacco trying to nail me down
candy floss sticky on the ferris wheel seat
yeah, the circus keeps on calling me

I got the habit, cant leave it alone
hat full of rabbits spilling over the floor
its automatic, no time to reload
clucking like a chicken when its crossing the road
no doubt about it, no question at all
dirty and damaged but we’re having a ball
decadent, doughnut, danger, desperate fun
the circus train keeps rolling on

Milk in the honey, dirt in the cracks
rainy or sunny Im still riding the tracks
tame like a lion when the chemicals kick
but I cant get off and its making me sick
Track Name: Amigo

Straight line
into debate time
hard to relate why
twisted in words

Fast mind
searching for rewind
far from your own kind
and you blame it on the world

Wherever you go social or solo
still got your ego, amigo
and when you've spent all that you can borrow
still got your ego, amigo, amigo, amigo, amigo

Bright time
after the fight time
looking for late signs
tricks of the light
down where the scars hide
resisting the rent rise
and you blame it on the girls


Shout loud
react from the waist down
whats left on your plate now
is out of your hands, amigo…..
Track Name: Physical Tabasco
Physical Tabasco

Say I love you, like you tell me to
but I never said it was true
Im just playing by the rules
could you give me
a moment on my own
what you need to do
( why ) cant you do it alone

She’s physical tabasco
but fake like the peppermint breath
if I try to watch the news, shake off a bad mood
she always wants to talk about her friends
I don’t know how I got here
so tired of making hay
she’s physical tabasco
but I guess I prefer mine plain

Trust me I see what you what your frowning for
Cruella De Ville is your nickname
and now I know the cause
Im to lazy to finely cut the knot
oh please, give me the strength
or a medical reason to stop
Track Name: Lost And Gone
Lost And Gone

Pull up a chair
and Ill pour a dram/shot
sip and savour the burn
rest the weight of our heads in the sand
forget all we learned

Good night madam
the moment has come
when all the cards in the pack have been thrown
scattered, lost and gone

Filter the lens
fade out the facts
gave as good as you got
as grace lifts us away from the ground
we can taste divorce

Rise up and dance
shout and be dammed
heres is where we’re beloved and belong
stay where we can see what is wrong
tattered trust is torn/gone
(we’re) scattered, lost but home
Track Name: Paint On A Canvas
Paint On The Canvas

Take my hand
all is well again
safe to sleep now

All the sands
dropped down to the bottom now
soft and warm
sleep like a child

And as the paint on a canvas fades
like the promises we made
all the years are only nights and days
and we will soon be gone

Escape the tower
fly like a fairytale
all you made
is left where it fell

Don’t be sacred
nothing hurts now

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